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  1. My Jeans

From the recording This Is Where I Wanna Be

Written by: Celeste Kellogg and Noah Gordon


Don’t wanna wear a dress, I ain’t putting on a skirt
I need something that goes with a cool T-shirt
Levis or skinny, gotta wear them all night long
Yeah they gotta fit me kinda like my favorite song

My Jeans, oh you gotta love them
My Jeans, ain’t they really something
Purple, old, or blue, You can’t compare to nothing
Throw in knee high boots, hey girls we go out struttin in My Jeans

Girl don’t be depressed, about him calling back
Put on a pair of Jeans, It’ll help (that’s a fact)
Cell phone in your pocket, let’s go out and have some fun
Girl you’re gonna rock it, this party’s just begun


Without my jeans I don’t know what to do
I just can’t wait to pour myself into

Chorus (x2)

You know us girls love our Jeans right?
We got some skinny ones, Levis, Denim, anything
I love my Jeans

My Jeans
My Jeans