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  1. Lightning

From the recording You and Me

Written by: Celeste Kellogg


I should have listened to my head
Before my heart got in too deep.
I was dumb in love instead
Ignored all the signs and warnings.
I believed we were invincible
Like nothing could strike us down.
Now I feel like I can't get out…

I tried to stay away from you
To save myself from all this pain.
It's a game I know I'll lose
And find myself stuck in the rain.
You're dangerous
And mesmerizing…
Like Lightning

With every crack I'm closer to goodbye
Then I take three more steps toward hello.
I don't know why It’s hard to walk away from you to save my life
Maybe it's the thrill of the unknown.
And I know I'm just fueling your flame, giving you room to say I'm to blame
For you Burnin up my life and moving on.